2022 Testimonials

14 – 16 November 2023 // Bremen, Germany



2022 Testimonials


“This is my second time at Space Tech Expo Europe , it’s always a very nice event with companies from all over the world. So far, the event has been interesting, good companies, good conversations, and a great place to be. For me, the exhibition is the most valuable part, with easy access to many companies, it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet a lot of people.”

Ewa Kadziolka, Business Developer, TNO (Visitor) 


“It is always interesting to discover new technologies and what is active in the industry right now and to see what solutions are being developed. It is very interesting to have all industry information gathered in one place and being here allows you to discover things you have never even thought about. The main benefit has been discovering new things.”

Saskia Landeghem, Developer, OHB (Visitor)


“It has been amazing. I’ve been to some conference sessions this morning and I’ll go to the conference tomorrow to see different discussions. I’m also here to look around the exhibition to see what’s on the market, find future collaborations and see what’s developing in the space sector. I’ll be back tomorrow and on day 3!”

David De La Torre, Electronic Engineer, Mars Society (Visitor)


“This is my first time here at Space Tech Expo Europe, it’s the industry I want to work in later. I’m getting the lay of the land, exploring what companies are out there. I would definitely attend the event again.” 

Cédric Poignand, Student, FH Aachen (Visitor)


“My session was very dynamic, lots of questions, the use of slido was fantastic. We are out here meeting folks, the best thing is that you have the B2B meetings to do that easily, you can set up your meetings ahead of time. You can roam the floors with hundreds of booths with lots of very diversified suppliers. I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Space Tech Expo Europe 2022” 

Claude Rousseau, Research Director, Northern Sky Research (NSR), an Analysys Mason Company (Speaker)


“We’ve had non-stop people coming up and talking to us, which has been great. Lots of people coming through from all different backgrounds, which is really nice. You get to have conversations with people and raise public awareness outside of the immediate industry. Lots of suppliers also coming over to us and talking about components and seeking us out. It's definitely beneficial business for us, finding suppliers, networking and letting everyone know who we are in Europe.”

Charlie Clark, Propulsion Engineer, Magdrive (Exhibitor)